An ancient
and fascinating stay

Palazzo Bembo Exclusive Accommodation combines the charm of an ancient home, intimate and elegant, for you to relive the glories of the past.

The Bembo nobles, a family of saints, theologians and military heroes including Duke Giovanni Bembo, who vanquished the Usocchi pirates, had this sumptuous palazzo built at the end of the XIV century after fleeing from Bologna during the barbarian invasions. It is an elegant example of Venetian-Gothic style highly influenced by Moorish architecture, the Venetian tradesmen absorbed during their travels in the Middle East. Giuliano dei Medici, brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent, stayed here in 1510 when he came to Venice to heal.

Time stands still at Palazzo Bembo; the beauty of magical Venice continues to reflect in the waters of the Grand Canal.

Palazzo Bembo was built at the end of the fourteenth century by the noble Bembo family, on the Riva del Carbon located on the Grand Canal, where they unloaded the carbon they imported and sold. Luxurious upholstery, elegant furnishings, antique furniture and original Murano glass, transform each room into a small sophisticated and aristocratic room.